The most effective Planning System in the World

My daily weekly/daily planning goes something like this…

I do my morning GRATITUDE every morning, I usually pick three (at least one).. That is to put in in a great energized mood.

Then I go over my PASSIONS and PURPOSE of my life and that helps me come up with my GOALS for the week. No more than five.

From my GOALS, my appointments are made and those are put on my weekly CALENDAR, and the assorted things I need to do, but are not as important or are not time and date specific, get written in my TASK list.

Everything I do has to take me in the direction of HAPPY!

So basically from every weekly GOAL that I write out is built directly out of my PASSIONs and PURPOSE.  And every appointment in my CALENDAR and TASK in my task list is born of my weekly GOALS, and every GOAL I make is to take me one step closer to being HAPPY.  And all of the above is fueled and energized by daily GRATITUDE It is really a simple process… you guys should try it.

For this process, I require very little equipment:

I use Evernote for website, photo, and file storage

Any notebook (Moleskine) for my weekly planning, and day at a glance

Google Calendar for my appointments

gTasks Pro to store my tasks, and video and blog ideas