The MMA Jab

The jab is the most effective, yet overlooked, and underused strike in MMA.  Fights are won and lost by the jab, but because it is not a dramatic knock out strike like an overhand right, or flashy like a spinning hook kick, it’s effectiveness is overlooked.  The jab is much more part of one’s strategy in boxing than it is in MMA, however UFC champions like GSP and Jon Jones have proven that the jab can be used effectively in high level MMA competition.

Besides being a very effective strike in itself, the jab can also be used to set ups power shots like the reverse punch , and it is also a very effective defensive tool.

No matter what combat sport you train in, learn and practice the jab, add it to your arsenal, and use it….  Thanks for coming, and thanks for being part of The Pit Ohana.