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Throw the fancy “ninja Kung Fu” nonsense out the window. Fight for the real world.

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Pit-style fighting incorporates only practical martial arts which are effective for cage fighting or personal defense. It may not look “as cool” as a choreographed bout in a movie training montage, but it’s certainly deadlier. In fact top UFC athletes have used Pit-style fighting for knockout success.

Chuck Liddell knocked out Randy “The Natural” Couture in 2005 and became the light-heavy weight champion of the world.

Glover Texeira is currently ranked #4 in UFC for top light-weight contenders. He’s one of the hardest-hitting athletes we’ve encountered.

Tim Kennedy a UFC Middleweight defeated BJJ legend Roger Gracie in a unanimous decision in UFC 162.

Pit-Style Fighting Complete System

For the dedicated, men or women determined to up their fighting game to pro-level worthy of the UFC Octagon.

  • Unlock secrets to generating crushing striking power by technique, not muscle power
  • Become tackle-proof
  • Master the same skills Chuck Liddell uses to knockout opponents
  • Build enviable, rock-hard power punches
  • Enjoy stamina, strength and vitality as a result of training
  • Incorporate an easy to follow diet for optimism performance


While The Pit Style fighting system has been used by UFC Champions & dozens of other high level fighters the techniques & workouts can be used by anyone. In fact - most of the people I train these days are men over 30 who don't have as much free time as they'd like to learn devastating strikes & knockout blows.

I'm personally in my mid-50's and there's absolutely no way that I could continue to train if the Pit Style Fighting was built only for young bucks.

So if you're an average joe who's not in your "prime" anymore but want to learn the secrets to devastating, knock out power using a proven fighting system than The Pit Style Fighting System is for you.

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