Choosing A Bad Martial Art May Get You Killed

Hey guys, sorry if I offended anyone with my blog, however I feel that teaching martial arts is a huge responsibility to your students, and I feel like too many people mislead, deceive and even lie to their students about the effectiveness of their style.

The problem with this is that their students pay them a lot of money, spend a lot of time training the techniques that their instructors teach them, all under the false pretense that these silly little techniques are going to really work when their life depends on it. I feel that tradition, respect, honor, and all of those virtues are a very important part of a martial arts schools curriculum, however I also feel that teaching an effective and real martial art that will help to protect its students and their families is of utmost importance, and should be a number one priority….

Keeping myself, my family and students healthy, safe, and fit, are my three top priorities in life. And I work very very hard on my curriculum, and on our training methods to make sure that this happens.