Drill your way to victory….

Hey Pit Monsters…
I am super old school when it comes to philosophy, attitude, and most training methods, but I also always evolving to make sure that I am teaching the most effective techniques, exercises, and training methodology that I can.  I stay on top of everything because I truly care about my students, And I want to make sure they are successful when they are either fighting for a UFC title, or fighting to defend they’re life, or the lives of Their family. I take my training, and my teaching very very seriously, because I know that my students life can depend on it.

One thing that I have modified a great deal is sparring. People that know about The Pit know that we are very well-known for very hard training including sparring, I feel it made students very tough, but over the years I realized that the risk was not worth the reward. I have been using drilling in place of sparring, And I was noticing that I was having results that were equal to the sparring, but without the frequent injuries. So I tested what percentage I would use sparring, versus drilling, and I was noticing that using more drilling, was actually giving me a better net result. Like I said, my students we’re just as good with their timing, speed, and movement, but the injuries we’re decreasing substantially. One thing that is very important to mention is that when we talk about injuries, Most people are meaning cuts, sprains, and even broken bones, but what I feel is the most important difference, is that there is substantially less head trauma, and those injuries are noticeable, but they can be very debilitating later in life, I know this.


Pit Master