When you should never show respect to someone…


Treating people with respect is something we have been taught since we are very young, and for the most part it is a great trait to have.  That all comes to screeching halt when you are being assaulted, attacked, robbed, raped, or treated violently in any way.  For some reason there is a trend among…

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Develop Your “go-to” strike to stay alive…


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Sport versus street fighting… How it evolved

Me at 17 years old

SPORT VS STREET In late 19th-century and early 20th century “Martial Arts” in Japan and China actually took the “martial” very literally. They actually fought to the death with knives, swords, and even empty-handed, and even though in the Western world at that time there were firearms that took the place of the swords that…

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Do Not Let Your Child Become A Bully Target!


Click Here To See Video…

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My Side By Side New Years Goals 2013 and 2017


2013 1. Eat The Frog Wheelbarrow, burpees, running, meditating, Black Jack are my “frogs”, but I know they are a necessary part of my training, so I get them out of the way, so I can move on to my more enjoyable training. Madonna, bag work, makiwara, sledge, ring-work.  I don’t hate my frogs, but…

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I don’t think wrist locks are ever effective….


That’s not really true.  I feel like you are in a real streets situation, and you have immobilized the shoulder joint, I feel a wrist lock could finish it off, but outside of that I think they are completely useless in a Street situation. I have been doing martial arts for a very long time,…

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The Heavy Bag Series… The Triad


This is the first workout of my heavy bag series. Like I said before I firmly believe that the heavy bag is the most important piece of training equipment that any martial artist can use.  I have included one of my top students Isaiah “Big Brother” Rocha-Hackleman to demonstrate for this first workout. This first…

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The Heavybag Series… Burrpees & Bag (B & B)

Champion maker

You can combine Burpee’s with just about any activity and turn it into a unbelievably great anaerobic work out. Burpee’s can get your heart rate up very fast very quickly, and combining it with just about anything makes that “anything” exponentially harder. We use Burpee’s a lot at The Pit, the main reason I use…

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Ther Heavy Bag Series… Ultimate Black Jack


Ultimate blackjack is yet another one of our heavy bag workouts. This work out will not only get your cardio up into the high triple digits, but it will also work your entire upper body, and lower body. I gave it the name Black jack because like our traditional “pit black jack” you end up doing…

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The Heavy Bag Series… Pit Bag Sprints


Hi huge part of the beauty of this drill is it’s unbelievable simplicity. When done right, and you are putting all of your Energy and intensity into it, it is so very simple, But so very hard at the same time. This drill is a great way to buildup power, speed, strength, correct punching form,…

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