Arguably the most important aspect of your training!


The Pit Culture is taking over.  What is the Pit Culture?  The Pit Culture is immersing yourself into, and living The Pit Lifestyle…

Ok, now what is The Pit Lifestyle?  The Pit Lifestyle to me, the Pit Master, is living YOUR dream. Living life to it’s fullest.  Living Clean, Fighting Dirty.  Striving to be as healthy and fit as you can, while balancing that with knowing that life is short.  Never being a bully, yet never letting anyone take your lunch money.  Being smart enough to know that you, and only you are responsible for your safety, security and comfort, yet being humble enough to admit that no man is an island.  Knowing that no matter how busy, or stressed you are, there is always time to help an old lady cross the street (made a great friend yesterday, helping June Rodrigues cross Grand Ave.  Her Dad had a dairy in SLO in the early 1940’s, and she was going to get her weekly ice cream fix at Doc Bernstien’s at 88), or petting a dog, enjoy the journey.  Train super hard, for we are the protectors of ourselves, our families, and most other people in this world, who are just too weak and lazy to be Pit Monsters.  Make time to spend with your family and friends.  Never use our art offensively, yet know it is better to be tried by 12 than carried by six…. in a nut shell train hard, live clean, have fun, do right, be humble, generous, loyal, respectful to yourself and others, be very disciplined, yet have fun while creating your empire,  walk softly, yet carry a big ass stick.

Thanks you all for being a part of The Pit family.
Pit Master


Standing Guilotine Defense from The Pit on Vimeo.