John Hackleman is a 44 year martial arts veteran who has worked and trained with some of the world’s greatest champions.

His interest in martial arts began in childhood. Raised in Hawaii, John was often the target of bullies for the simple reason of being different—in his case, not local to Hawaii. Local children picked on him and, as bullies often do, stole his lunch money. A familiar story for many adults. Knowing he could either fight back or be a victim, John threw a powerful kick, landing a winning blow to the head of his biggest tormenter.

He wasn’t bullied again.

Hackleman has since perfected his Hawaiian Kempo, training athletes through a chain of martial arts gyms across the world.


The Online Dojo

The Pit Online Dojo was created for working men and women (and their children) who want to learn the best training techniques for the practical day to day world—on their own time, often from the comfort of their own home. Some of our athletes are interested in entering the UFC Octagon, others just want to be fit. All of our athletes have the power to end bullying, in all its forms. Should the situation ever require it.

The Pit’s headquarters are in Arroyo Grande, California, with other branches scattered throughout the United States, and even one in the United Kingdom.


About Hawaiian Kempo

Hawaiian Kempo is a unique martial art, its basis founded centuries ago in a Chinese Shaolin temple. Kempo is a comprehensive and diversified means of unarmed self-defense. It is a no holds barred fighting system of offensive and defensive methods, putting equal emphasis on striking with hands and feet, immobilization and controlling the opponent, as well as projections and takedowns.