Martial arts training requires more than gloves and a heavy bag. Incorporate Hackleman’s proven training to become an efficient fighting machine.

One clean shot to the liver? Consider it a KO. This course dives into the most effective striking angles and directions to take your opponent out of the match.

  • Roundhouse kicks
  • Spinning backkicks
  • Close range left hook
  • Clinch range knee strikes
  • Outwit your opponent

If you don’t hit them hard, they’ll just laugh at you. Learn punching secrets from a world-renowned punching champion. Now you have the last (and only) laugh.

  • Dominate both left and right hooks—something most men never accomplish
  • Knockout with powerful overhand rights
  • Strike with the right reserve punch to KO any opponent or attacker

Train like a world-class athlete. Unlock simple diet techniques for shredding fat and burning explosive muscle. Optimize your fighting power.

  • Train like UFC champions before a title fight
  • Build insane stamina
  • Increase strength and endurance
  • Sharpen your focus
  • Unlock your untapped potential

Fight like Chuck Liddell. Learn techniques and training Liddell used to knock opponents out cold.

  • Master the four principles of takedown defense
  • Generate crushing striking power
  • Perfect your MMA stance
  • Understand your body: explore a simple diet for gaining and losing weight for top performance