3 Types Of Fights… Why We Train Martial Arts

We as martial artists train for many reasons, but most train as a primary or secondary reason to become proficient in a fight.  Whether it’s to be able to protect themselves and or their families in a life or death street altercation, become bully proof (or at least bully resistant), or for some they train in the martial arts with the dreams of becoming the next Chuck Liddell.

My 3 category of fights are: 1. Street Defense which I consider life or death, and train for them with that attitude, intensity, and techniques.  2. Playground Dominance, mainly for kids.  This is helping the child become strong and skilled, and have the right mindset and confidence to not become the bully’s target.  Going through life with confidence is a huge gift.  These fights are usually not life or death, and the classes are not run with the same goals as the adult classes.  3.  Sport Combat is MMA, Kick Boxing, Grappling… I run these classes with tons of intensity, techniques and energy, but it is sport, so  rules and sportsmanship are emphasized.

What ever your reason for training in martial arts, great physical conditioning, tons of confidence, discipline, respect, perseverance, fun, and great sense of accomplishment and inner-peace are always part of the benefits you will receive…