He's Trained UFC Champions and Some of the Best Fighters in the World & Now He Wants to Train You!

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Hi I'm John Hackleman, founder of "The Pit Online Dojo."

What I’m going to teach you today will radically change your beliefs on fighting & training all forever.  In just a few short minutes, you’re about to discover the proven training and fighting secrets that will turn even the most normal men in to strong, fit, fighting machines…no exceptions.

The proven fighting system that I’m going to reveal to you is built around old school, no-nonsense, functional martial arts and fitness with one goal in mind. To turn average joes into champions, period.

The Pit’s Martial Arts System, Hawaiian Kempo is famously used by the Top UFC Fighters in the world including: Chuck Liddell, Glover Teixeira, Antonio Banuelos, Court McGee, Tim Kennedy and so many others.

So Who am I?

My name is John Hackleman & for the last 44 years I’ve been an avid practioner & instructor of martial arts. I’ve coached some of the best fighters & martial artists in the entire world including UFC Champion Chuck Liddell, Glover Teixeira & far too many others to name in this short introduction.

And if you give me just 5 minutes of your time, I’ll reveal to you the very same training techniques, punches, combinations & workouts that I have turned soft, bullied guys in to the most dangerous fighters on the planet.

You see it wasn't always this way...

Being raised in Hawaii, from an early age I was picked on, an beaten up by the local kids because I wasn’t a local. It didn’t take too many beatings to realize that I had to learn how to defend myself or I’d have my lunch money stolen & would be walking home with a bloody nose, and the next time one of the bigger natives started a fight with me at recess, I kicked him square in the head and stopped him dead in his tracks…That was the last time that anyone ever tried picking on me again.

Fast forward 40 years....  I’m currently living in California and have a chain of Martial Arts gyms all across the world teaching my unique style of fighting known as Hawaiian Kempo & have the privilege of training some of the top fighters who fly in from all over the world.

We created The Pit Online Dojo specifically for busy folks like yourself who would like to learn cutting edge, training techniques, proven strikes, combinations & moves at an accelerated pace from the comfort of your computer without all of the hassle of having to commit to some gym and risk learning poor, ineffective techniques that would waste your time, money & could get you serious injured in a fight.

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Don't let ever let anyone try to take your lunch money.



John Hackleman

The Pit Master

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